Modern artists from the 20th century are amongst the most reproduced of all artists. The contemporary work of Surrealists, for example, seem to suit minimalist homes perfectly. Art print reproductions can be a quick way of adding interest to your home but without having to plan too much. Max Ernst ranks alongside the likes of Dali and Magritte within this eccentric art movement, becoming one of the most famous German artists in history. He was also particularly appreciated by art academics who understand best the role that he played in influencing other art movements that followed, both in Europe and the US.

The Surrealists are deep thinking artists whose work requires an understanding in order to get the most out of it. Despite that, the art public have embraced their work and continue to purchase posters and prints of their work. Dali, of course, leads the charge in this regard, but many others are also well represented amongst the most reproduced artists since the early Renaissance. The present day allows a more democratic following of art movements, all have their own values and points of interest, nothing is regarded as unacceptable or perverse. This was not the case in the early 20th century, when certain regimes aimed to block out movements that they felt out of sync with their own 'values'.

Max Ernst produced a large number of artworks during his career across several different disciplines, and these are well represented by a number of different art retailers online. They attempt to fill the demand for Surrealist prints that remain popular. Many artworks in this movement rely on a high level of detail which would be lost in smaller art prints, so larger versions are normally a better choice. In comparison, for example, very abstract work by the likes of Piet Mondrian or Mark Rothko make use of such little detail that they would actually still work effectively at a smaller size. Ernst's colours tend to be bold and bright, which would best suit a plain room when selecting where to place your print reproduction.

But which Max Ernst prints, from all those available, should you pick to add to your own home? Well that is entirely down to your own taste, with many different paintings from his career being worth consideration. It is worth spending time looking into all of the available choices, as sometimes you might find an artwork from his career that you had not seen before, but truly love. This is common. One must also think about the size that you are likely to order the print in, and then decide which artworks are best suited to that size. A more abstract work from his career, where less detail is used, would be more suitable for a smaller print than his highly complex Surrealist pieces. What we can say is that some of the most popular artworks to be reproduced from his career include The Elephant Celebes, Europe after the Rain II, Forest and Dove and The Eye of Silence, although that may not meet your own preferences.